By Filipe Andrade

Two of the services, among others, that Race Communication offers are Media Relations and Internal Communications.

In the city of Goiás, (where one of our offices is located), for example, Race was responsible for  the implementation of tools for internal communication at the Laboratório Teuto (Teuto Laboratory), at Indústria Química do Estado de Goiás, Iquego, (Chemical Industry of The State of Goiás) as well as at Unidonto Goiânia, an organization in the dental insurance industry. These are only a few  examples.

In the first case, Race was responsible for the implementation of a fortnightly bulletin which today has 162 editions. At Iquego, the same model was applied. At Unidonto Goiânia, a newsletter, with more than 100 editions, is being sent to the members and the same model will be applied, over the next few months, on yet another internal audience: the employees.  

In all of the cases, the most noticeable is the engagement of the audience in relation to these tools. It is common for the employees to, for example, send suggestions, ask for a specific content, send a suggestion for a topic or, in an informal conversation, cite information published in these forums.

In media relations, Race has also reached significant results together with its clients in Goiás. This year, Teuto was in the news in two separate editions of Folha de São Paulo, a result of media relations conducted by Race. A full page article was also published last month in the Sunday edition of O Popular, the main newspaper in the state. The strategy in both these cases was to not only present content linked directly to the organization but to contextualize the information with, for example, market statistics.

Apart from the visibility and credibility that it brings to the organization, the work creates a channel, a solid relationship between Race/the client/the media/Race. This makes the editorial staff feel more comfortable entering in contact with the media relations team, assured that they will be presented with relevant information as well as it makes the client feel comfortable presenting content that are of great interest to the public. And the one who always wins is the public.